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8 Tips For Planning A Wedding In Less Than 12 Months

8 Tips For Planning A Wedding In Less Than 12 Months

3 March 2022

So congratulations on your engagement. So now what? Chances are you’re currently looking at planning your wedding in the next 12 months and beyond, or maybe you’re looking to tie the knot sooner. In that case, here are some tips from professional wedding planners for getting married in less than 12 months.

Tip #1 – Be Flexible

When it comes to picking a date, you will need to be flexible. With the aftermath of COVID19, there will be a lot of demand for dates. We recommend booking for a Friday or Sunday, which are less likely to be booked. At Mercure Hull, we have a special offer of £500 for weddings bookings on a Friday and Sunday.

Tip #2 – Have Everything At One Venue

To make things easier, stick to one venue for the ceremony and reception. This saves looking for two separate venues available on the same day. Like us at Mercure Hull, some wedding venues are licenced to hold civil ceremonies, which can save a lot of stress and travel for you and your guests.

Tip #3 – Look For A Venue With Wedding Packages

To make organising easier, look for venues with wedding packages. At Mercure Hull, we have various packets, including catering, DJs, arrival drinks and more. Check out our Wedding Packages.

Tip #4 – Listen To Friends’ Recommendations For Suppliers

Listening to experiences and reviews from people you know is an excellent way of finding high-quality suppliers and photographers.

Tip #5 – Keep The Decor Simple And Elegant

Decorations are an important part of a wedding, and it’s up to you how you want to decorate your wedding reception. It’s okay to keep decorations simple. We have found a handy decorations checklist.

Tip #6 – Try Not To Please Everyone

It would be best if you put yourself and your partner first. It can be easy to get lost in accommodating everyone but make sure that it doesn’t negatively impact your day. People should be happy for you no matter what.

Tip #7 – Relax And Enjoy The Process

Weddings should be something you enjoy and look forward to it. Try not to get too stressed! If you have a wedding planner/coordinator trust them to do their job. They are a professional.

Tip #8 – Be Realistic

If you’re planning a last-minute wedding, it is important to be realistic. You can still have a great wedding with minimal resources. There may have to be sacrificed on bespoke invitations, complex and intrinsic decor, and specially coordinated floral arrangements. You need to identify what’s important to you and organise these first.


These are just some of the first tips that come to mind. Contact our specialist wedding planners, who have plenty of hints, tips, & tricks. You can contact them by email at or call 01482 272 763.